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In December 2002 we brought samova to life to create tea- and herbvariations you've never tasted before. Today we proudly offer you more than 25 premium teas and herb specialties to be served hot and cold. Try our recipes for tea cocktails, tea sorbets and the most innovative tea meals and bakery products. Enjoy your journey through our samova universe. Sincerely yours, Esin Rager, samova founder and CEO.


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samovas calming answer to regular cinnamon-bombs: Space Cookie! Let this spicy organic chai mix take you to planet relax. Finest cocoa-shell, fennelseeds, ginger, liquorice root, anise, cinnamon and other selected spices are welcoming you with sending your sense of taste the message of a peaceful »Pfefferkuchen« to your senses."


Experience the new definition of tea culture ‚Made in Germany’. Our company philosophy is based on our passion for tea and herbal specialties. Our founder owned enterprise stands for new taste experiences, best ingredients, award wining design and unique events. We create all our products according to highest quality and sustainability standards.

samova uses renewable and recyclable resources to ensure environmentally friendly products emphasizing on controlled farming and manufacturing. To guarantee the best quality and sustainability in our products an independent German institute tests each item of our tea and herbal collection. We use ingredients from controlled organic farming, as far as possible, being certified according German and European Organic Certification. All teas are available as refill packs.

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  • samova präsentiert: SUFFRAGETTE – ab 4. Februar im Kino!

    Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, die Rechte der Frauen waren in den vergangenen Wochen Medienthema Nummer Eins. Sie werden als Selbstverständlichkeit der westlichen Gesellschaft gehandelt. Dabei sollten wir nicht vergessen, dass auch bei uns die Gleichberechtigung der Frau noch lange nicht vollständig Einzug gehalten hat: Laut Spiegel online erhalten Frauen in Deutschland bis heute im Durchschnitt […]