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Tea Tasting Express

The samova collection

17+3 sorts, seperatly packaged

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Our tea tasting in the handbag format: 17 + 3 different organic varieties of the samova Express collection, not only tempt classic hot, but also taste ice-cooled on all unconventional parties.


Brew samova Express bags and leave to cool. Ice cubes in a samova cocktail glass. Fill with apple, lemon and agave juice and cold tea. Serve with a drinking straw. This basic recipe applies to all samova varieties.


    Ingredients: Business Trip (1,4 g): Schwarzer Tee Ceylon* Digital Detox(2,2g): Apfelstücke*, Karottenstücke*, Rooibos*, weißer Hibiskus*, Ingwer*, Kürbis*, Hagebuttenschalen*, Lemongrass*, Zitronenschale*, Süßholzwurzel*, Zitronenmyrte*, Hanfblätter* English Break

    Origin: multiple

    Theine: yes

    Weight (g): 28

    Preis pro 100g: 22.50 EUR

    Packaging: samova Express


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