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Scuba Garden Express

Green Rooibos/

Theine-Free Speciality with Algae and Cranberry

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This must be underwater love – the way i feel it slipping all over me …

This happy- go- lucky “Ménage-á-trois” is our declaration to how much we care about your well-being, spirulina with its high levels of protein from the warm volcano lakes in Costa Rica combined with selected pieces of cranberry and our mildest green roiboos.


Scuba Garden tastes best straight or with a drop of maple syrup. We recommend one Express-Bag Scuba Garden per 0,3l glass. Jacques-Cousteau followers leave the tea „under“ for four minutes. For a tingling cocktail party drink serve Scuba Garden ice cooled as a Champagne punch with rum or liquor soaked fruit.


    Ingredients: Green Rooibos, cranberry fine-cut, orange-flakes, Spirulina-Algae, flavor.

    Origin: Green Rooibos from South Africa, Spirulina-Algae from Costa Rica

    Theine: no

    Weight (g): 28

    Preis pro 100g: 14.11 EUR

    Packaging: samova Express


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