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Speak French Refill

Organic Verbena

Pure Lemon Verbena

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I can't speak French so I let the funky 'tea' do the talking

Do you speak French? Esin Rager, founder of samova, discovered this classic digestif of pure organic vervain while studying in Paris. It is theine free and the perfect alternative to Espresso. In France the lemony plant is traditionalIy made as a relaxing evening tea or drunk as a digestif liquor. As we offer this blend mainly to our catering partners Speak French is only available in eco-friendly Refill bags.


Savour Speak French hot or ice cooled, preferably hot or ice cooled or with a drop of lime juice. We recommend 3 heaped teaspoons of Speak French per samova Teapot (0,8 l). Brew with boiling water and let steep for five minutes.


    Ingredients: Lemon verbena grown in controlled organic agriculture

    Origin: Marocco

    Theine: no

    Weight (g): 75

    Preis pro 100g: 14.60 EUR

    Packaging: Refill


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    Bio Code: DE-ÖKO-007

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