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Disco – into a New Tea Taste Adventure

Teashas been known as a delicious and healing drink four thousands of years. Its manifold flavours and possibilities of application make it one of the most versatile beverages. samova offers you top-quality teas for real pleasure on any occasion and in any mood. Tea is popular in the whole world as it can be enjoyed hot and cold, with a meal or in between, and it goes well with sugar, milk, fruit juice or honey. On top of this, tea is a wholesome drink which effects condition and health. Now here comes Disco...

What Makes Disco so Flavourful

We have created extraordinary specialities for extraordinary occasions and named it Disco. Nowhere else but here in our Online Shop you will find teas of a more intensive flavour. It is about new unique recipes for new strong tastes. Disco, this means various herbal and fruit teas, white and green tea in subtle compositions like for example »Space Cookie« – a chai mix with cocoa shell, cinnamon, anise, pepper, cardamom and ginger. Unlike in factory made tea, the ingredients of samova Disco creations are well balanced. You can taste every single one of it, experience this unprecedented adventure of pleasure! Disco teas are well suited for special occasions where you will surprise your company with a new flavour. A Disco cuppa alone at home will drive out all the boredom. Or have one in the morning and the day belongs to you. Get creative with samova Disco teas and try chai latte or iced tea!

What is so special about Samova Teas?

We use organically and sustainably grown ingredients, therefore all of our tea sorts are tagged with the European organic certification. Against this environmental background we want to create unique tastes. Best resources by regularly controlled suppliers guarantee true pleasure and make every cup a special experience. Come on, it’s Disco time! All sorts are available here in our online shop – get them a tin box or refill pack!

Drinking Tea for Health

Tea is one of the most wholesome drinks. Individual compositions can aid in various ailments such as restlessness or digestive problems. Our teas in particular are a tasty and aromatic alternative to caloric lifestyle drinks.