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Teabag Express

samova Tea Bag Express – the Quick Alternative

Unfortunately in our restless life one cannot always celebrate tea culture as we would like to. When time is getting short one has to fall back on an alternative. The ideal one is samova tea bags. Unlike those from the super market they don’t lack quality. No matter if loose or in a bag, we stick to sustainably farmed products and guarantee the same taste. So if you don’t want to miss the flavour of premium Darjeeling or malty Ceylon, have your bags ready. If caffeine is not your cup of tea, try rooibos with a note of orange, the green variant or fruit teas in our Express Bags. As a heart-balm we recommend our special chai latte: Space Cookie with milk and honey.

Newcomers will find everything they should know about the world of tea on our website. But also experts to whom first flush Darjeeling, Assam and Earl Grey are no alien concepts, will come across some organic teas that might awake their interest – loose or in one of our Express Tea Bags.

Green tea, fruit tea, whatever: Open up to new flavours and do something for your health. Sustainable growing guarantees constant quality that warms you up, vitalises and inspires you.

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