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Fruit Tea

Fruit Teas – Always a Refreshing Matter

Our low-sugar response to fruit juice is samova fruit tea – that means, as long as nobody sweetens it. Fruit tea is not only refreshing when drunk ice-cooled, but also hot in the heat of the sun. People in warm climes know that. South Koreans for example drink hot tea in summer to save energy. Because that’s what the body needs when it has to bring cold liquid in the stomach to blood temperature – a sweat-inducing process. But who would not gasp for something cold on hot days?
Either way, fruit tea is always a refreshing matter. And this is due to its lightness and taste: sometimes tart, sometimes sweet, but always fruity. Take a look at our small list of popular ingredients for fruit teas:


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Does this also count for brews? Anyway, apple tea is brisk: hot and with a trace of cinnamon in winter or ice-cooled with a dash of lemon in summer. We recommend apple in an exotic composition with mango, Chinese wolfberry (goji) and blossoms – in short: samova »Garden Party«. On ice with lime and cane sugar it stirs up every party.


With its fruity tart flavour this North American berry has captured Europe in no time – as dried fruit, juice and of course as fruit tea. Our tip: cranberry with spirulina and rooibos in samova samova »Scuba Garden«.


Hard shell, soft cores. The seeds inside this tangerine fruit are wrapped in a juicy coat and pop between your teeth – a great taste adventure. Also great: its sweet-and-sour note in fruit tea. Grenadines mainly grow in the Middle East.


Red as love and sweet as sin. Strawberries indulge the senses, so much so that myths rank around this delicious fruit. And what happens if strawberry meets pineapple? Call it love among fruits whose souls fuse on the tongue. We call it »Maybe Baby«.