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samova Pop Teas – Aromatic and Healthy

Tea is more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. But above all – no matter if black, green, herbal or fruit – it is good for your health. Try it, try samova Pop!

Pop Teas Don’t Bear their Name for no Reason

When there is a tea that makes especially happy, you should be able to tell by its name, we thought and called some of our assortment Pop. And be sure, our Pop teas will make you happy! Based on green tea or rooibos we have created our very own unique mixtures. Like most samova products they carry the European organic certification and contain sustainably grown ingredients only.

Our Pop sorts are like pop songs, just listen to their names: Istanbul Nights, Team Spirit, Maybe Baby… Doesn’t that sound like music? Actually, these mixtures feel like music when you drink them. They make you feel as happy as a good song does, that you listen to in the morning having breakfast. Meaning that if your favourite is played in the radio while you are enjoying your tea, you will certainly leave the house twice as happy! Order your favourite teas in our Online-Shop get carried off into the world of delicious and healthy bio tea!

Millions of Asians Can’t Be Wrong

People in Asia live a healthier life. Significant is that there are far less suffering from overweight than in the Western world. One of the reasons definitely is the old tradition of drinking teas, which people from Asian countries take a lot more time for than we do over here. Come on and do take your time for one of our Pop teas, refined with delicious ingredients – and start your healthy life!

Since all our products are organically and sustainably grown they are a lot healthier than those grown in the common way. samova teas affect your body in a way that only after a few days of consumption you will feel much stronger. They increase your metabolism and rinse toxins out of your body. Have a look at our assortment on and find out your favourite tea!