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Heidi’s Delight Refill

Organic Mountain Herbs

Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Apple

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» Holleri du dödl di, diri diri dudl dö. «

Revitalising as a mountain stream, aromatic as a mountain pasture. Our magic potion »Heidi´s Delight« charms the soul, animates the body and refreshes you for your next hike through the Swiss Alps. Swiss herbs, lady´s mantle, lemon balm, peppermint leaves, rosemary, safflower and cornflowers recount exciting adventures from the Alps.


Savour Heidi's Delight hot or ice cooled. Straight or with a drop of honey. We recommend three to four teaspoons (6g) of Heidi´s Delight per samova Teapot (800 ml). Yodelers let it steep for four minutes.


    Ingredients: Peppermint (32.5%), lemon balm (23%), apple pieces (16%), carrot flakes, lady’s mantle leaves, rosemary leaves, safflower and cornflower petals grown in controlled organic agriculture, natural flavors.

    Origin: multiple

    Theine: no

    Weight (g): 75

    Packaging: Refill


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