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samova Relax Teas – Healthy and Tasty

Tea is an ideal thirst quencher, it is refreshing and provides your body with valuable vitamins and minerals. Drinking tea is part of a healthy lifestyle. Right after water it ranks on number 2 of the most consumed beverages worldwide. As there exist so many types, it is versatile and can be enjoyed all over the day. Before our tea comes into your cup it is strictly controlled. We examine any type to find out, if it meets our demands. All ingredients are organically grown and subject to high quality standards – and so is Relax!

Relaxing with a Cuppa

Our Relax teas are so relaxing, since they contain no or only very little theine – as it is the case with »Green Chill«, a rather mild green tea with bio herbs. Any of them refreshes and convinces as a well balanced mixture. For these we use rooibos, cranberry, orange zest, spirulina, peppermint, lemon balm, leaves of rosemary and many others. A samova Relax tea is just the right drink to switch off after a stressful day. Moreover it suits well for iced tea in summer.

Love, Peace and Happiness in Every Situation

Our excellent herb specialities are soothing and refreshing – a healthy pleasure for body-aware people, who are into holistic nutrition. The ingredients of samova Relax mixtures complement each other and put you back into balance if you’ve had a hard time. Drinking tea is a perfect method to remove sorrow from your heart. It is already the ritual of brewing which calms you down, when the scent of essential oils reaches your nostrils, and you are looking forward to the first sip. In cold times Relax tea gives you pleasant warmth that floods your whole body – enjoy one in winter!

Health Aspects of Drinking Tea

Scientific studies have proven that drinking tea promotes health and can protect from disease. Green tea, in particular, reduces the risk of heart attack and prevents aging. Alpine herbs cleanse the blood and support the functions of breathing. Thyme, eucalyptus and sage for example aid in colds. They furthermore contain essential oils that strengthen the immune system and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Besides a good nutrition, healthy drinking habits are a necessary part of balanced living. samova Relax teas are wholesome and – as the name implies – relaxing. Their subtle mixtures bring you harmony and good spirits. Any samova herb tea is an oasis of pleasure for your senses.