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Total Reset Refill

Organic Herbal Mix

Greek Mountain Herbs,
Fennel and Sage

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The time has come to ... – push the button!

Reset to zero! After a heavy meal, a hard day or a long night, this mixture of Greek mountain herbs pushes your reset button, pieces of orange, fennel seeds, carrot flakes, and sage leaves straighten out all stressed bodies. Total reset is theine free and therefore the perfect refreshment for both day and night.


Total Reset tastes best straight or with a teaspoon of honey. We recommend three heaped spoonfuls of Total Reset per samova Teapot (0,8l water). Party people let it sleep four to six minutes.


    Ingredients: Greek mountain herbs (42.5%), fennel seeds (30%), carrot flakes, sage leaves (10%) and orange peel grown in controlled organic agriculture.

    Origin: Mountain Herbs from Greece

    Theine: no

    Weight (g): 75

    Preis pro 100g: 14.60 EUR

    Packaging: Refill


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    Bio Code: DE-ÖKO-007

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