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Enjoying Teatime with Stimulating Beats

A freshly brewed tea is always delightful – in winter as in summer. Our passionately created green and black beats provide your body with valuable nutrients. Their delicious scents and flavours make your senses dance.

samova Beats – Vitalising Bio Tea of High Quality

Our beats are green or black. They all contain theine and thus are suited for those who love a delightful and stimulating brew.

While creating samova beats we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. Accordingly we use best materials only – regrowing, renewable and recyclable. Environment-sparing farming and production methods are what we take for granted. In order to offer you premium products, we regularly get our teas tested for contaminants by an independent German institution.

Nearly all green and black tea beats are therefore tagged with the European organic certification. Keep on dancing if the beats fades out and get yourself a refill pack!

Let the Beat Rock – Black and Green Teas

Let’s first have a look upon the range of our black teas… Beginning with »High Darling«, a classical Darjeeling from the garden of Sungma, India, on the slopes of Himalaya. If you like the flavour of Earl Grey, then »Lazy Daze« with lemon zest and natural bergamot oil will be your cup of tea. »Istanbul Nights« grants you aromatic moments. It combines Ceylon, Darjeeling, mint and various oriental spices like coriander, cinnamon and cardamom. Whoever prefers an encounter not quite that wild, will be fine with »Business Trip«, which is pure Ceylon, or »Straight Forward«, an aromatic tea from the Indian state of Assam.

Friends of green tea are also welcome by a varied Beat: Let »Jasmine Green« indulge your senses with the soft aroma and smell of real organic jasmine blossoms. Well, you like it pure? Then how about »Director’s Cut«, a mere Japanese sencha? Or the charming »Low Rider« from China?

Premium packages for premium products: Get your beats in silvery shining tin boxes, beautifully labelled and carrying our logo!

Healthy Beats Making Your Heart Pump Stronger and Longer

Black and green tea stem from the same plant, the difference only lies within the treatment of the leaves: For green tea they simply have to be dried. In order to turn them black they need to be rolled and thus broken up – nowadays by machine. Thereafter the leaves oxidise, whereby they are given their dark colour and special taste. This process is called fermentation.

Tea in general contains fluoride. It therefore hardens tooth enamel and prevents caries. Moreover it is said to block an enzyme, co-responsible for Alzheimer’s disease, and to calm the intestines. Green tea in particular has an anti-inflammatory effect. Due to its antioxidants and tannins it reduces the risk of cancer and strengthens your heart. So far, just to mention a few convincing arguments for our !