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Refill Packs

samova Refill Packs – Always Tea in Store

Natural innovation of taste, that’s what samova tea stands for. You knew that, since you already tried and appreciate it? The happier we are that you have decided to visit us again. On our refill supply site you’ll find all our teas in packs of 50 and 100 g.

Constant Pleasure

Meet your needs in advance and use our refill packs to pursue your passion for tea at any time and occasion. How about a tea cocktail-Party? An afternoon tea with friends and family? Getting started with a stimulating morning tea? Or relaxing with a cup after work? Whatever for, be prepared with our refill assortment. samova offers an innovative and inspiring collection of tastes for modern tea drinkers.

samova’s Refill Option – a Contribution to Sustainability

Refill packs are always at disposal. Once bought they can be used over and over. That’s why our team sets great value upon creativity and design, you shall also delight in stylish decorated packages. Even more value we set upon environment. We acquire sustainably farmed tea only, meaning certified organic tea of high quality. samova products are therefore tagged with the European Organic Certification. Sustainable growing is part of our philosophy and what our modern tea culture stands for.

Relight my Fire – New Dimensions of Tea Taste

Pleasure, taste and quality are connected with one another. Based on this philosophy we have successfully raised our company with new creations, innovation-oriented spirit and liability. Our motto: “We believe in friendship and tasty hot water.” It makes us happy that we can offer you a wide range of services which we hope to steadily extend.